About Us

The Service We Provide

The Henderson Group helps clients get more revenue or income, more time, and more recognition because of how they represent themselves. All professionals represent themselves in conversations. Those conversations may be:

  • One-on-one conversations, such as high-stakes negotiations or delivering bad news to a key customer,
  • Small group meetings, such as sales calls, discussions between staff or business partners,
  • One-to-many presentations, such as quarterly sales kick-offs, press briefings, or industry-wide events,
  • Online meetings, such as product demonstrations, global training sessions or remote team management.

The Henderson Group helps global companies to more effectively persuade and influence their customers, partners, and peers. Since 1990, we have helped Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups worldwide improve employee productivity and business results.

Chuck Kuglen

Owner and Managing Partner

Chuck Kuglen oversees business development and client relationship programs for The Henderson Group. Chuck brings more than 20 years of sales management and business development experience with companies like Oracle, Planitax, ServiceSource and Baan. Just prior to joining the Henderson Group, Chuck ran business development for Quovera, a Silicon Valley consulting company, and has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Berkeley. In his free time Chuck’s an avid snowboarder, surfer, runner, and traveler who is passionate about music. He oversees THG consulting projects and is active with strategic partners like LSA Global. He’s also proficient in Spanish and has worked and lived abroad in Spain and Mexico.

Nicole Henderson

Director of Operations and Marketing

Nicole Henderson directs operations and marketing for The Henderson Group. She develops and manages The Henderson Group’s web and social media presence, and edits the company blog, SpeakFearlessly. She also produces The Henderson Group’s in-house video marketing. In her free time Nicole is passionate about photography, filmmaking and graphic communication.

Summer Thommen

Director of Training Innovation

Summer Thommen is the newest addition to the Henderson Group. She comes with 17 years experience in the training and professional development field. She specializes in experiential adult learning theory– creating learning experiences that engage participants, not just intellectually but, physically and emotionally as well. She is also a certified mediator with 7 years of experience providing mediation services for both companies and individuals. She studied Organizational Behavior and Leadership from the University of San Francisco, School of Business.

Proven Method of Instruction

There are four principles that inform our work. We have translated these principles into four Asian charters to create a logo that communicates across national boundaries. The four principles are fused together in what is called a “chop” in Asia, which functions as a combination signature, corporate seal, and trademark. Our four learning foundations depicted in our logo are:



Participants are motivated before building skills, deepening their commitment to improve. Motivated by exercises, coaching, and feedback customized to their unique needs, challenges, and personal style, participants learn more quickly and they retain what they learn.



The key catalyst in our work is “action,” participants are immediately immersed in exercises that demonstrate their current level of skill, their unique challenges, and their pathway to improved performance. When the development of new skills is grounded in action, participants see the relevance of what they are learning, as well as the need to improve performance.



Participants continue to expand their capabilities long after our work is complete. With a deepened awareness of their strengths and challenges and a greater understanding of how to improve performance, each individual is able to more accurately observe how they affect others and how to adjust their behavior for better results. Online follow up sessions reinforce learning and help each participant map new skills to current job requirements.



Skill building is always mapped to the performance requirements of each participant. All exercises and instruction are customized around both the participant’s needs, as well as the requirements of their company and position. The individualized focus of our work helps participants quickly apply their new skills to their specific jobs. The result is improved performance.


Let’s face it. The success of a business does not pivot on how amazing their service is. Yes, it has to be good for the business to NOT fail but it’s NOT the key. The key to thriving is knowing how to bring a prospect or client to choose to work with you (on your terms) within a conversation.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” is a quote from one of the Einstein boys who had some success as a physicist.
This quote is the driving philosophy behind Einstein Films.
Put simply, we illustrate your complex message in a simple, fun way so that anyone can understand it in 3 minutes or less.

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