Join Us for The Art of Prezi “By Invitation Only” Workshop

Speak Fearlessly
First Quarter 2016
A good orator is pointed and impassioned.
 – Marcus T. Cicero

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10 Most Common Rookie Mistakes in Public Speaking



  In this issue:

  1. Join Us for The Art of Prezi “By Invitation Only” Workshop (reading time 3 minutes)
  2. The Art of Presentation Remotes (reading time 3 minutes)
  3. Inspiration Trumps Clicks (reading time 2 minutes)

Join Us for The Art of Prezi “By Invitation Only” Workshop


Prezi is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to stale and tedious slide-based presentation media. Why?  Because Prezi empowers users to seamlessly combine text, visuals, audio and video into a communication media that is more powerful, memorable, and dynamic than slides. In addition, Prezi’s unique capability for users to employ movement, spacial relationship, and ‘big picture’ storytelling in a way that makes the message far more ‘sticky’ and easier to understand than slides.


It’s been 8 years since I wrote a blog post about presentation remotes. The devices I recommended are no longer available. So, clearly it’s time to post again.

All three of these units that we recommend have the basic features that should be standard on presentation remotes:

Laser Pointer
Go Back
Go Forward
Black Out the Screen

For all three, the USB receiver is stored in the remote itself and all are plug-and-play. No additional software is required for them to work.


Inspiration Trumps Clicks


I was very proud of the work of my client, Peter Arvai, the CEO of Prezi. Peter delivered a meaningful talk at the Bits & Pretzels conference in Germany in late September 2015. The video is embedded below.

Notice the presentation best practices that Peter models during the talk:

  • He opens with a compelling personal story that incorporates all the elements of good storytelling:
  • Characters, conflict, dialogue, high stakes, and a big helping of personal vulnerability which helps get the audience on his side early on.
  • He uses silence well throughout the talk to build tension and expectation. 
  • He uses purposeful movement and gesture to communicate his points effectively. This conveys passion, commitment, and confidence. 
  • He speaks with passion and expressiveness to communication his commitment to this topic.

And, of course, his Prezi is exemplary with effective visuals augmenting the story he tells throughout.


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