Our Partners


LSA Global is a business training & consulting firm. Through our proprietary network of experts, we help high-tech, life science, and service industry clients outperform their competition through people.

LSA Global was founded in 1995 on the principle that training “by itself” will not drive tangible change or business results.

Companies that are not satisfied with traditional training and consulting that want to “move the performance needle” like to work with us; we are fiercely devoted to their success.


“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” is a quote from one of the Einstein boys who had some success as a physicist.

This quote is the driving philosophy behind Einstein Films.

Put simply, we illustrate your complex message in a simple, fun way so that anyone can understand it in 3 minutes or less.


ExecCatalyst™ provides leadership development and executive mentoring programs for high-tech companies building their next wave of executives.

Unlike other programs that are rooted in theory or unstructured, intermittent advice from personal networks, ExecCatalyst services are application focused, context aware and real-time, ensuring the fastest development of effective leaders who are best prepared for their company’s most demanding roles.

The founders of ExecCatalyst are proven successful high-tech executives with first-hand experience leading strategy and operations for Oracle, Salesforce.com, Siebel Systems and Business Objects, as well as fast-growth startups.

The Henderson Group and ExecCatalyst have co-developed one of our most exciting new course offerings, Executive Communicator. We are very excited about this workshop and our partnership with Ron and Lance.


Brilliance Inc. helps managers at any level in an organization enhance their ability to have powerful conversations, deepen relationships, and achieve extraordinary results.

As coaching partners, they bring humor, creativity, compassion, and experience to help leaders affect change with greater ease and grace.

With an approach that recognizes the complexity of organizations and people, they offer a range of solutions that ignite brilliant thoughts, actions, conversations, relationships, and results.


Robert Graham helps his clients, who include Facebook, Cisco Systems, Merrill Lynch, Yahoo!, Charles Schwab, eBay and Microsoft, do two things:

1) Dramatically increase their sales
2) Deliver outstanding presentations

The Sales programs focus on a consultative approach to finding the best ways to solve a client’s needs while maximizing the size of the sale.

Robert also partners with The Henderson Group on larger programs where we require seasoned presentation trainers to join our team.

A nationally ranked speaker and former Dale Carnegie trainer, Robert works with his clients through intensive training and coaching sessions and, for the lucky few, via teambuilding events which takes place on sailboats in San Francisco Bay.