Art of Presentation

Mastering Your Presentation Style

“The skills we learned in this class can be translated into our every day life, every interview and every sales call we ever make.”
– Oracle

Building rapport with an audience and moving them to action requires the ability to confidently present information that convinces and engages even the most skeptical customer. This intensive work educates and motivates participants to deliver high-impact presentations.

Using interactive methods, rather than lectured instruction, participants cultivate a personal style – a style that gains the audience’s attention through confident composure and meaningful interaction. Through the Henderson Group’s unique and proven feedback model, participants receive immediate feedback from instructors, peers and videotape, enabling them to rapidly learn, reflect and improve their presentation skills.

The results of this work:

  • Competently present ideas and information to groups of people
  • Energize and persuade audiences using stories and metaphors
  • Effectively communicate with peers, superiors and customers
  • Move business objectives forward by quickly engaging with customers and colleagues and creating influence.

Specific Skills Mastered:

  • Using voice, gesture, movement, presentation structure, stories and metaphor for powerful presentations
  • Helping audiences learn through use of examples, associations and images
  • Turning fear into excitement through creative visualization
  • Structuring presentations for maximum impact
  • Engaging listeners and increasing audience attention span.

Delivery: Customized formats, including workshops, online, one-on-one coaching and consulting.

Sales Presentation Mastery

Moving the Sale Forward

“I thought [The Henderson Group] did a great and most professional job. You managed to show me that sales presentation is a skill that can be enhanced significantly if you learn to focus on the important aspects of it. You certainly boosted my self-confidence and gave me a lot of ideas to work on.I very much enjoyed the learning.”
– Yehuda Talmy, EMC

In the Sales Presentation Mastery work, participants learn to deliver convincing, deal-closing presentations that are crucial to sales success in today’s competitive market. Through active participation, sales representatives identify their own presentation challenges, learn new skills and techniques and then immediately experience applying them in front of an audience. Participants learn to use voice, gesture, presentation structure, stories and metaphor to engage, persuade and influence even the most skeptical customer. The Henderson Group’s unique and proven feedback model where instructors, peers, and videotape provide immediate feedback gives participants the ability to rapidly learn, reflect on and improve their sales presentation skills.

The results of this work:

  • Craft a clear value proposition that addresses the specific needs of the customer
  • Map specific product and services to customer benefits
  • Differentiate products and services from competitors
  • Project a personal style that builds rapport and trust
  • Present ideas and information to customers
  • Move revenue objectives forward by influencing large groups in addition to one-on-one communications

Specific Skills Mastered:

  • Creating metaphors to explain complex products and technologies to all audiences
  • Incorporating actual business scenarios into the presentation to support the overall presentation message
  • Holding audience attention through gestures and movement
  • Handling difficult questions, people, and situations
  • Using vocal pitch, pace and volume to engage the audience
  • Using questions to engage a passive audience
  • Delivering compelling conclusions with a clear summary and required next steps

Delivery: Customized formats, including workshops, online, one-on-one coaching and consulting.


Making More Effective Online Presentations

“The online labs were awesome! Very challenging, but very educational – really brought the online content to life in a personal way. Great class!”
– SE Trainer, EMC

“I’m amazed at what you accomplished with my organization! You made online communications truly engaging. (My) presentations will improve greatly!”
– Technical Specialist, Microsoft

Learning how to effectively use online communication technologies is imperative for globally deployed organizations. Organizations and their customer relationships are increasingly separated by distance, time zones and organizational boundaries. In iPresentation, participants learn skills that leverage the Internet to reach new customers, deepen existing client relationships and manage remote teams.

Participants learn to use web conferences to quickly solve problems and to speed the reaction time of far-flung teams and organizations. Using iPresentation skills, companies are aligning organizations halfway around the world and easily pulling together small online meetings to share schedules, projects, and customer information. Knowing how to connect with several different audiences at once, across a variety of media and within an ever-larger circle of peers, suppliers, partners and customers, becomes a part of each participant’s online skill set.

The results of this work:

  • Expand business opportunities beyond traditional boundaries by leveraging online technologies
  • Fully engage potential prospects and move sales forward without face-to-face meetings
  • Build a more satisfied customer base with efficient and frequent communication and collaboration
  • Build loyalty, cohesion and productivity in remote workgroups

Specific Skills Mastered:

  • Reshape face-to-face communications skills for the online world
  • Mastering new models to make web conferencing a successful communication medium
  • Leading productive and collaborative online meetings
  • Engaging and interacting with online audiences
  • Improving customer relationships through a comprehensive communication network

Delivery: Customized formats, including workshops, online, one-on-one coaching and consulting.


Winning Online Product Demonstrations

“This training class was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! It was by far, the BEST
training I have received. I thought it was sort of silly that we ‘demo guys’ were going to be trained on how to be ‘web-demo guys.’ I am now leaving this course with an entirely different attitude. The training gave me assistance where I needed it most.”
– Sales Consultant, Oracle

As geographic boundaries expand and shift, globally deployed organizations are finding new ways to reach customers and manage costs at the same time by using online technologies. The product demonstration is one of the most challenging segments of the sales process: trust must be built during the process of demonstrating the product. This work provides the skills to capture attention, build rapport and demo the product online.

Organizations like Oracle, PTC and Microsoft have used iDemo to motivate their organizations to better leverage the Internet for product demos. iDemo gives participants an entirely new set of skills which enable them to engage online audiences via electronic media. Participants learn how to dramatically open demos; maintain audience interest, create suspense through probing, building and segues, and to use voice and listening for effective online communication. iDemo is a proven training tool for sales consultants, engineers or any employees who give online demos.

The results of this work:

  • Make online demonstrations a successful part of the sales process
  • Enhance communication and collaboration by better relating to customers online
  • Create greater customer satisfaction by catering to the customer’s expectations in online demos
  • Move the sales cycle forward by quickly engaging with customers and creating influence

Specific Skills Mastered:

  • Techniques to help customers understand new technologies and processes.
  • Balancing words and images in online demonstrations for greater clarity
  • Paraphrasing to get customer buy-in
  • Creating a warmer online presence by surfacing objections and changing perceptions
  • Engaging and increasing audience attention span

Delivery: Customized formats, including workshops, online, one-on-one coaching and consulting.

Art of Technical Presentation

Making Information Come to Life

“The Henderson Group opened my eyes to communication skills. I had never understood how important they are in allowing me to demonstrate my technology to technical and non-technical audiences. I daily continue to grow in my communication skills because of the awareness they gave me.”
– Abinash Tripathy,

The Art of Technical Presentation is designed for the unique needs and aptitudes of technical presenters, who are often more comfortable with conveying information in graphical and diagrammatic displays. Communicating complex technology to broader audiences requires the ability to wrap it in metaphor, prior experience and visual illustration.

Technical presenters are coached to find their own unique style for building rapport with audiences before getting to the data, handling technical and non-technical questions, and converting technology into customer-centric solutions. Through active participation using live product demonstrations, whiteboards and projection screens, participants identify their own presentation challenges, learn new skills and techniques, and then immediately experience applying them in front of an audience

The results of this work:

  • Engagingly present technical ideas and information to customers
  • Educate and persuade customers using personal experience and easily understood metaphors
  • Effectively hold attention while communicating complex technical information to prospects and customers, as well as to more technical types
  • Convey technology via team presentations with team efforts to move sales cycles and project plans forward

Specific Skills Mastered:

  • Structuring presentations for broader audiences
  • Using whiteboards, product demos, illustrations and metaphors to explain complex information
  • Managing Q&A sessions and difficult situations successfully
  • Increasing listener retention through relevant personal stories, examples, associations and images
  • Maintaining confident composure when delivering complex information to a skeptical audience

Delivery: Customized formats, including workshops, online, one-on-one coaching and consulting.

The Art of Prezi

Prezi is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to stale and tedious slide-based presentation media. Prezi empowers users to seamlessly combine text, visuals, audio and video into a communication media that is more powerful, memorable, and dynamic than slides.

In addition, Prezi’s unique capability for users to employ movement, spacial relationship, and ‘big picture’ storytelling in a way that makes the message far more ‘sticky’ and easier to understand than slides.

The results of this work:

  • Craft prezis that illustrate a key Main Takeaway Sentence through the seamless use of text, visuals, audio and video.
  • Author and deliver compelling stories that succinctly illustrate the value of their solutions or ideas.
  • Deliver a prezi in front of an audience with power and Executive Presence.

Specific Skills Mastered:

  • Use Prezi’s capabilities to delivery compelling, highly memorable, and sticky messages.
  • Fashion a visually striking Central Theme that communicates your message on multiple levels.
  • Increase audience attention span and retention.
  • Structure presentations for maximum impact.

Delivery: Customized formats, including workshops, online, one-on-one coaching and consulting.

Super Storytelling

People don’t buy products. They buy stories.

From that primitive stone-age tribe who sat around the fire and listened to stories to today’s salesforce armed with the latest tech, the art of storytelling is as valuable as ever. Stories capture attention and make information believable, memorable and understandable.

Jonathan Gottschall, author of The Storytelling Animal, says science backs up the long-held belief that story is the most powerful means of communicating a message.

In business, storytelling is all the rage. Without a compelling story, we are told, our product, idea, or personal brand, is dead on arrival. In his book, Tell to Win, Peter Guber joins writers like Annette Simmons and Stephen Denning in evangelizing for the power of story in human affairs generally, and business in particular. Guber argues that humans simply aren’t moved to action by “data dumps,” dense PowerPoint slides, or spreadsheets packed with figures. People are moved by emotion. The best way to emotionally connect other people to our agenda begins with “Once upon a time…” (Excerpt from Fast Company: Why Storytelling is The Ultimate Weapon)

Because people make buying decisions based on emotion and then justify based on reason, Storytelling can mean the difference between winning and losing business.

By participating in The Henderson Group’s Super Storytelling workshop, you will be learn to:

  • Turn Case Studies into Super Stories That Cause Action
  • 4 Types of Stories You Need
  • Plot Guidelines for Maximum Impact
  • Storytelling Technique
  • Practice and Expert Feedback

Delivery: Customized formats, including workshops, online, one-on-one coaching and consulting.